SPSS Terms and Conditions

I, the undersigned, hereby certify that I am a current student, faculty member or staff of the University of Arizona, and in consideration of the receipt of a copy of any PASW software product I agree to the following conditions governing its use:
1. The Software will only be used on a University-owned computer.
2. I understand that the number of licenses purchased by the University equals the total number of installations; and that the Software is licensed for a single-user only at each installation (and not for use on a server or for the benefit of other parties).
3. This Software will NOT be used on any student home computer or student laptop.
4. The license for this Software must be renewed each year (the SPSS license ends July 1).
5. I will NOT copy or distribute this Software, and I understand that such activities are strictly prohibited by the applicable licenses.
6. I will NOT create or attempt to create source codes; nor will I reverse engineer or decompile the Software.
7. I will NOT take this Software outside of the U.S.A. in violation of U.S. export control laws, and I agree to comply with all licensing and other requirements of such laws. (Note: for more information about export control requirements, see http://www.vpr.arizona.edu/export-control )
8. I agree NOT to take this Software to any countries embargoed by Executive Order, through the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). (Note: The current list of sanctioned countries is available at http://www.treasury.gov/offices/enforcement/ofac/programs/).
9. I have read and agree to observe the license restrictions contained in Sections 4.1- 4.5 of the SPSS license for this Software.
10. I acknowledge that I may receive information that SPSS, INC. identifies as proprietary and confidential, including but not limited to codes, programs and/or documentation related to the Software, and I will maintain the confidentiality of such information that I receive as a University employee from SPSS, INC., and will use the same care and discretion to avoid disclosure, publication or dissemination of the information as I use with my own information that I do not wish to disclose, publish or disseminate. In addition, I will use such confidential information solely in the course of performing my obligations as an employee of the University of Arizona, and for the purpose for which such information was disclosed.
11. I understand that if I fail to observe the conditions agreed to above, my authorization to use the Software may be revoked, and I may be subject to legal liability.

I agree to these terms and conditions.

*Note: "DCC" Designated Campus Colleagues are not eligible for subscription license purchases through The University of Ariozna.