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The only account written during the original enclosure, Life Under Glass tells the story of the original crew that lived and worked inside the Biosphere 2 structure for two years, where they recycled their air, water, food, and wastes, setting a world record for time spent in a closed ecological system and gaining valuable insights for confronting climate change and environmental degradation.

In Life Under Glass, Biosphere 2 crew members, Abigail Alling and Mark Nelson with co-captain Sally Silverstone present the full account of their remarkable two year enclosure, written while inside. From the struggles of growing their own food, to learning how to help sustain their life-giving atmosphere, the general reader is offered a rare glimpse into how a group of dedicated researchers managed to surprise the world and fulfill their dream. In this updated edition, a new chapter reflectson the legacy of Biosphere 2 and the state of related scientific progress. Other crews will come and go, but no one else will face the risks, the uncertainties, and the challenges that this new breed of explorers did on Biosphere 2's maiden voyage. Here is the fascinating story of how it all appeared--living under glass.

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