If you are a student, visit Pay One Price - Student for more information.

Pay One Price is a digital-preferred, flat-rate course materials program for all students registered in a main campus undergraduate courses. Pay One Price provides a predictable cost of $250 per semester, regardless of a student’s major. On the first day of classes, students can easily access and start using their required course materials by logging onto their D2L account.

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Learn more about the benefits of this program, how it works, and frequently asked questions below.



    First-day access to required courseware through D2L

    Primarily digitally delivered courseware - fewer physical books to carry around

    Students are better prepared to learn, and instruction can start right away


    One predictable price per semester, regardless of number of books needed:

    $250 per semester

    Option to use financial aid to pay for Bursar charge


    Pay One Price saves students from having to search multiple sites for the lowest price

    Easy access to digital materials through D2L

    Quick pickup for included print materials at the University of Arizona BookStore


    Same cost for all students regardless of major


Access to textbook and courseware through Pay One Price on the first day of classes is only possible if faculty/instructors submit their required textbook and courseware on or before the deadline so that students have the details they need to make informed choices. If no courseware is required, it is still important to submit a textbook adoption each semester so that students’ Booklists show that the course has zero courseware costs.

Course Material Adoption Deadlines:
Summer: February 10
Fall: March 17
Winter & Spring: October 10

This program is designed to make required courseware access easy, but we understand this process is new. Read through the FAQs for additional details about the program and how it affects you.

Pay One Price is an expansion of our current Inclusive Access program, which has saved UArizona students millions of dollars on digital courseware since 2017. Pay One Price will:

  • Increase ease and convenience by providing all required textbooks and courseware for one flat rate each semester.
  • Provide day-one access so students can begin class with all materials they need.
  • Ensure a predictable, flat rate each semester, regardless of the student's major.

Pay One Price is a digital-preferred program. Students can freely preview Pay One Price materials in D2L through the opt-out date.

Digital is the default format for Pay One Price, if available. Digital formats cost less than new print, improve accessibility, are conveniently delivered to students through D2L, and don't require students to pick up print copies from the BookStores. Faculty may still request print textbooks (see “Is print an option?”). Students can also choose to opt out of Pay One Price and buy any format they prefer.

With Pay One Price, students pay a predictable flat rate or they can choose to opt out for the full term (fall, spring, or summer). Alternatively, Inclusive Access pricing varies by title and students opt out by course.

The biggest difference between Pay One Price and Inclusive Access is that for Pay One Price, the single cost covers as many course material items as needed and may include some print materials.

Pay One Price is for everyone taking a Main Campus Undergraduate Course. All graduate students and undergraduate students who are enrolled in Arizona International, Arizona International Direct, Arizona Online, Community Campus, Distance, Phoenix and Southern Arizona will continue to utilize the Inclusive Access Program or purchase print books.

*Although not common, if you are a student taking an undergraduate Main Campus course, and also taking a graduate course or an undergraduate course through Arizona International, Arizona International Direct, Arizona Online, Community Campus, Distance, Phoenix and Southern Arizona, you will have required textbooks and expenses for both Pay One Price and Inclusive Access.

No, faculty retain full academic freedom under this program. Any required title and lab manual with an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is included in Pay One Price. Class Notes and courseware are included too. Course supplies such as lab coats, goggles, art supplies, Scantrons, examination books, etc. are not included in Pay One Price but students can purchase them from the BookStores

Only required titles are included in Pay One Price. Recommended and optional titles are not included in the program.

We may not be able to acquire titles without new print or eBook availability

You may choose from paid publisher materials or free-to-use content. Whatever you choose, it's very important to submit all textbook adoptions each term by the deadline. If we're not aware of what you're using, we can't include it in Pay One Price.

There is no change to the current process. See our textbook adoption page for detailed instructions.

Adoptions must be submitted each term through the Collect Adoption tool. The tool offers a time-saving way to re-adopt materials from a previous term. If you need assistance, please contact the Textbook team at textbook@arizona.edu or call the help desk at 520.621.8868.

After the BookStores receive your textbook adoption, we'll review your required textbooks for digital availability. We'll also share your adoptions with the UArizona Libraries so they can search for unlimited-user eBooks that UArizona courses can use for free; these will be integrated into D2L through the Pay One Price program.

Ebooks will be delivered through students' VitalSource Bookshelf in D2L. If digital access isn't available, titles will be reviewed for availability in print.

Titles only available via used marketplace vendors, which often have limited availability and high costs, will not be included in the program. This includes out-of-print, rare, and any title otherwise unobtainable in new print or eBook format.

Submit as soon as possible before the term starts. We recognize that there are situations where it may not be possible to have textbook information available by the deadline, such as when the course has not yet been approved or funded, or an instructor hasn't yet been assigned to the course.

Please know that late adoptions can only be delivered to students digitally. We can't acquire print textbooks and get them to students on short notice.

Great! We encourage you to adopt free-to-use content, because that helps keep the flat rate of Pay One Price as low as possible. We applaud all faculty efforts to minimize or eliminate courseware costs.

It's still important to submit a textbook adoption each semester so that students' Booklists show that the course has zero courseware costs.

If you use open educational resources, look for the adoption form's OER box.

If you use library-licensed eBooks, look for the adoption form's Library eBook box. The UArizona Libraries verify eBook licenses every semester.

If you aren't sure whether a free, unlimited-user eBook is available through the library, you can use the Libraries' check for ebook availability form. The UArizona Libraries review the BookStores' list of required course textbooks each term and buy unlimited-user eBook licenses whenever possible.

Yes. You are free to continue to use the same content as in previous terms. For OER and library-licensed eBooks, see “What if I don't require my class to buy any course materials?”

For Class Notes, there is no change to the current process. Submit your content through Fast Copy. Depending on the content, the Class Notes will be available either digitally or in print similar to required textbooks. Before submitting book chapters or journal articles to Fast Copy, please check with the UA Libraries' document delivery service to see if they can provide free access to these materials for your course.

For third-party software, use the “Comments Field” on the Collect Adoption tool to provide students a link for display in the VitalSource Bookshelf e-reader.

Section 2.11.1 of the University Handbook for Appointed Personnel addresses the assignment of instructor-authored books and materials in classes. While instructors are encouraged and welcome to use self-authored materials in courses they teach or oversee, a conflict of interest (COI) may arise when instructors earn profits on the sale of these materials in their courses. The policy explains how to minimize COI. For example, instructors must disclose the COI to the dean of their college when the estimated profit for instructor-authored textbooks or other instructional materials is above $500 per course. See UHAP Section 2.11.1 for more information.

Digital textbooks and courseware is delivered through D2L course sites just like Inclusive Access content. Similarly, library-licensed eBooks and OER is also delivered through D2L.

Print textbooks are available for pickup at the UA BookStores' flagship location in the Student Union Memorial Center from January 8 through January 31, 2024.

Courses are not required to use D2L for instruction to participate in Pay One Price. All courses will have a D2L shell created, and D2L will serve as a single access point for students to access their courseware. Faculty do not have to use D2L in an instructional capacity. If you're familiar with setting up Inclusive Access, Pay One Price will work similarly.

We'll be working with the University Center for Assessment, Teaching and Technology (UCATT) to provide instructors with step-by-step instructions and best practices for integrating Pay One Price in D2L. Contact digitaltext@arizona.edu if you have questions.

Because Pay One Price is digital-preferred, eBook and courseware access through D2L is easy for students who change classes before the opt-out deadline. Typically, within 24 hours, students should have access to their newly added course's materials. If the opt-out deadline for Pay One Price has passed, students will not be able to opt back in. See “How do students buy digital/print textbooks if they opt out of Pay One Price?”

Pay One Price is a flat-rate, per-semester program that covers all* required textbooks and courseware for every student registered for a Main Campus Undergraduate course. The cost is not based on individual classes. Therefore, if you decide to cancel an adoption for your class, there is no cost reduction for the student.

*If instructors don't submit a textbook adoption, we won't know to include their course materials in Pay One Price. It's very important to submit timely adoptions each term.

It is understood that a one-size-fits-most model may not meet the needs of every course format, curricula, or mode of instruction.

If materials are unavailable digitally or not feasible pedagogically in a digital format, print options will be included. Please contact us at textbook@arizona.edu with questions.

Yes, students can choose to opt out each semester by clicking on the opt-out button in D2L. Students will receive multiple messages from the BookStores about how to opt out and reminders about deadlines. Please visit shop.arizona.edu/payoneprice_student for complete details on the opt-out process.

Students can purchase individual books and courseware by going to https://arizona.vitalsource.com and searching by ISBN for the required materials. You will find the ISBN on the course materials that are listed in D2L. We recommend searching by ISBN rather than title to be assured you are purchasing the edition of the textbook or courseware that your instructor requested. A credit card is required.

A print book can be special ordered at the Textbook Customer Service desk in the lower level of the BookStores at current retail prices. Or students can buy print textbooks from the retailer of their choice.

Faculty who need assistance accessing Bookshelf should contact digitaltext@arizona.edu and a representative will assist you.

If the content is digital, Main Campus undergraduate students will have access through Pay One Price and Arizona Online and graduate students will have access through Inclusive Access if they don't opt out.

Yes, for certain materials. Access to content is controlled by each publisher and may range from 150 days to lifetime access. Most eBooks that students read in VitalSource Bookshelf can be downloaded to a device and read after the term is over by using the free Bookshelf app. Ebooks that are a part of a homework manager or courseware are only usable for the semester they were originally provided; unless otherwise noted, access to these materials expires once the term is over.

Students have online access to library-licensed eBooks as long as they are an enrolled student. Depending on publisher restrictions, many library-licensed eBooks can be fully or partially downloaded for offline use and kept perpetually. See the Libraries' eBook FAQ.

Students keep any physical textbooks they receive under Pay One Price.

Here is suggested copy for your syllabus. Please note that some sections you are teaching may fall into Pay One Price, while the same course, but a different section may have materials delivered through Inclusive Access.

Pay One Price: The program from the UA BookStores provides required textbooks and courseware for a flat rate each semester. If you're registered for a Main Campus undergraduate course, you’re automatically enrolled in Pay One Price each semester (fall & spring). You can opt out for Spring 2024 until January 23, 2024, via D2L to receive a refund. Detailed information about Pay One Price can be found at https://shop.arizona.edu/payoneprice_student. If you opt-out and receive a refund, your access to the required textbooks and courseware will be discontinued, and you will need to purchase on your own. It is possible a student will be registered for courses that fall within Pay One Price and Inclusive Access. If you have more questions, email digitaltext@arizona.edu or call 520-621-8868.

Inclusive Access: The program from the UABookStores provides required digital textbooks and courseware via D2L for a reduced price compared to print. Deadlines for opting out vary and are listed at https://shop.arizona.edu/inclusive. You must opt-out before the deadline in order to receive a refund. It is possible a student will be registered for courses that fall within both the Pay One Price and Inclusive Access programs. Detailed information about Inclusive Access can be found at https://shop.arizona.edu/inclusive. If you have more questions, email digitaltext@arizona.edu or call 520-621-8868.

This process remains unchanged. Reach out to your publisher representative to request a desk copy.

When you speak to your publisher representative, ask about the VitalSource Sampling Platform. D2L course users with the role of Teacher, Course Admin, or TA receive complimentary access to eBooks provided by VitalSource.

For eBooks or courseware provided directly through a publisher's content platform (such as McGraw Hill Connect or Pearson MyLab), please contact your publisher representative.


More questions? Please email us at digitaltext@arizona.edu and we will work to respond within the next 48 hours. Thank you!