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Adopt Your Course Materials

In full support of academic freedom, we encourage faculty to adopt quality course materials to support the curriculum while keeping affordability in mind. The University Libraries can help faculty find free-to-use course material, including open educational resources, unlimited-user ebooks, articles, and streaming video. As a campus-owned store, the BookStores do everything we can to reduce prices for students, including offering Pay One Price, Inclusive Access, digital ebooks, and used books.

The process starts with faculty submitting their textbook adoptions each semester. As longtime partners with the University Libraries, we share this information with the Libraries so they can check for free-to-use ebooks. The Libraries will notify faculty if a free ebook is available.

Adoption Process at the University of Arizona

For Full instructions, please see our FAQs below: "How Do I Submit My Adoption?"

If you have questions about the adoption process, please email textbook@arizona.edu or call 520-621-8868.  

Textbook Adoption Deadlines

  • Fall courses - March 17
  • Winter & Spring courses - October 10
  • Summer courses - February 14

If it’s impossible to meet these deadlines, please submit your adoptions as soon as possible.

Contact Information

Help Desk
520-621-8868, textbook@arizona.edu

Lisa Nava
520-621-8867, lmiguel@arizona.edu

Dan Crosson
520-621-8864, dancrosson@arizona.edu

Cindy Hawk
520-621-8865, chawk@arizona.edu

Textbook Adoption FAQs:

When you submit textbook adoptions early, we can:

  • Offer a greater number of used textbooks, saving students money.
  • Prepare students for their classes by ensuring they aren’t waiting for textbooks to arrive by mail.
  • Provide titles that are difficult to obtain (such as foreign or custom textbooks).
  • Give students access to their textbook information in plenty of time to shop for the best prices./li>
  • Return a larger amount of money to students during textbook buyback time.
  • Comply with HEOA legislation that requires the University to post required textbook information.