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Career Opportunities At The University of Arizona BookStores


In a retail organization as big as the BookStores is, one thing is undisputable–our employees make us great. But it's by no chance that we have one of the best student teams in the University. Our candidates are carefully screened and interviewed and selected on the basis of work ethic, ambition, and customer service abilities.

We hire 300+ student employees every year for short-term and permanent student positions, and every one of them was selected because they've illustrated to us that they'll not only be able to work for the BookStores, but that they'll be able to contribute to the excellent service levels that we promise to our customers.

Student employment comes with a bunch of fantastic benefits, including:

  • Extremely flexible scheduling around your class schedule (academics come first)
  • A safe and convenient work environment
  • Competitive student wages
  • Terrific employee discounts
  • Book Loan–eligible student employees borrow their books instead of buying them (saving hundred of dollars every semester)
  • Potential opportunities to gain experience in your chosen career field (especially for our students in Retailing, MIS, Marketing, HR or Accounting)

Student employment is available for any currently enrolled student with 6 or more units at The University of Arizona.

The interviewing process for open student positions during our peak selling seasons in the Fall and Spring begin every May and October, respectively.

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Do you offer internships?

Not usually, and when we do, it's under very special arrangements. In most situations, the student and the BookStores benefit more from traditional student employment. If you have a request about a specific type of internship, please contact our Student HR Office at 520-621-8858.

Can you accommodate work study?

Absolutely. Please contact your Financial Aid advisor to confirm your work study eligibility and then contact our Student HR team regarding your opportunities here at the BookStores. Work study candidates must still complete a Student Employment Application online. More information about the Work Study program is available on the University's Financial Aid website.

Professional staff positions

The BookStores has a growing team of professional staff members, each who contribute to the continual success of the organization. Staff members are employees of The University of Arizona and enjoy tremendous employee discounts and health benefits. Information about open staff positions at the BookStores is available on The University of Arizona's Talent website; talent.arizona.edu

Ancillary Positions

The BookStores is happy to offer short-term ancillary employment to help meet some of our early semester needs. Inquiries about available ancillary positions can be directed to the UA BookStores Human Resources Department, 520-621-8850.

Equal opportunity

The University of Arizona is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action organization. The University prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation and is committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive work environment.